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High Housing Costs Linked to UBCM Policies

UBCM's focus on local municipal autonomy influencing provincial policy, is significantly responsible for a lack of regional planning, poor infrastructure like LRT, and unaffordable housing. The resolutions this week at their convention in Vancouver include B3 Local...

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West Coast Living at its Finest

The 2019 CARE Awards Finalists have been  announced and the Gold winners will be revealed this week at the CARE Awards gala on Saturday, Sept 21 at the Fairmont Empress Hotel. They represent Canada’s leaders in sustainable West Coast design and construction showcasing...

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Housing Supply Must Be Encouraged

The Times Colonist reports construction is the second largest employer on Vancouver Island. This is due to ongoing population growth expected to surpass 500,000 in the central island alone in the next 10 years. Victoria’s office vacancy rate is declining and vacant...

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Town of View Royal Adds to Housing Costs

The Town of View Royal has decided to up the ante using new housing as a cash machine for their revenue. Their Committee of the Whole recommended adopting a community amenity contribution policy that says: "1.9 Target Rates The following target rates for cash...

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Reno Tax Credit Needed for Seismic Safety

Recently there has been significant seismic activity along BC’s west coast. Three earthquakes registering between 4.5 and 5.6 magnitude were detected, in addition to a 6.2 earthquake the day before. A series of large earthquakes in Southern California also resulted in...

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