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Why Hire a Member?


If you are buying, building, or renovating on Vancouver Island, you have come to the right place. VRBA is the largest residential builders association on Vancouver Island with 180  home builders, renovators, designers, trades and suppliers. Our members are Canada’s leaders in sustainable West Coast design and construction and their award-winning projects are available for viewing at

Also, we are members of the Condominium Homeowners Association of BC and are prepared to assist condo owners with information about the contracting process, obtaining competitive quotes, and referrals to VRBA member engineering companies.   Our online Expression of Interest form distributed to VRBA’s contractors can assist with getting quotes from industry professionals.


We are also members in good standing of the Vancouver Island Better Business Bureau and Greater Victoria Chamber of Commerce. In 2016, we were the runner-up for the Business Leadership Award. You can view the video here.  

In 2015, we celebrated our 75th anniversary as one of the most established, credible builder organizations in Canada. Before you buy, build or renovate a home, call, email or come in and talk to us. There is no charge, and you will be glad you did.  

First, the best way to achieve competitive pricing is to use our online Expression of Interest form distributed to VRBA’s contractors. You will be contacted directly to discuss the project and costs without obligation. You can get a general idea of costs per sq ft at

This is VRBA’s TV ad appearing on CTV. Only 30 seconds and says it all! 

Questions about the process? Watch our Youtube video by Casey Edge, VRBA’s Executive Director on Hiring a Contractor.  It’s only a few minutes long and may help you with planning your new home or renovation. Also, feel free to speak with Casey directly at 250.383.5044. You can view his LinkedIn profile here.

It’s important to practice diligence when undertaking a new home or renovation. A priority is a fair and balanced contract. VRBA provides contracts to our builders and their clients at no charge.

Visit our consumers resources page for more information for consumers interested in purchasing or building a new home.    

Check for a new home builder’s BC licence at the online Public Registry of Residential Builders.  

Also, be aware of the skills needed to build a home on Canada’s West Coast. Construction of today’s energy efficient homes requires knowledge of building science and how to manage heat, air, and moisture. Ask contractors about their knowledge of this area. There are classes and seminars delivered by a variety of organizations, including  VRBA, offering updates on building science and energy efficiency changes to the BC Building Code.    

Take a minute to view members’ CARE Award winning projects at . Also view VRBA members’ Code of Ethics.   

The CARE Awards is the premier event for the residential construction industry managed solely by the Victoria Residential Builders Association. CAUTION: Companies claiming to have won a CARE Award may not be active members of the Victoria Residential Builders Association. Contact to verify VRBA membership or view our membership list here.

The CARE Awards is a members-only event to protect consumers and maintain our association’s professionalism,and credibility. We practice diligence on VRBA membership applicants and they must agree to our Code of Ethics. Before hiring an “award-winning” builder, verify their VRBA membership. You can read more here.  

Discuss your goals and budget with our professional, experienced contractors. They have a network of skilled trades and reliable suppliers, and work with outstanding designers to identify your vision in the most cost-effective way. Both your budget and peace-of-mind will benefit from spending time on diligence and discussing your project with industry professionals.

Some consumers make the mistake of hiring a contractor on the advice of a friend. In our experience, this is the #1 source of problems and often based on unrealistic price points. Consumers may believe they are getting a “deal,” but that alleged “deal” can fade quickly and turn into major challenges.

It takes years of experience and knowledge to build or renovate a quality home that you will want to proudly call your own.

Your builder should have a professional contract, strong track record, as well as warranty and liability coverage.

Members of the Victoria Residential Builders Association have the skills and experience you are seeking.

Also, our members are strong supporters of the community. VRBA gives back through fundraisers for BC Children’s Hospital, Canadian Cancer Society, Goldstream Chums, Habitat for Humanity, Young Life, CFAX Santa’s Anonymous, and T-C Christmas Fund.

Contact us at or call 250.383.5044.

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