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Housing Starts up 46% in Greater Victoria

CMHC reports total housing starts are up 46% from Jan to Aug vs last year (2,154 to 3,072) mostly due to Victoria condos/apt rentals increasing from 86 in 2020 to 1,025 this year. Most single-family, semi-detached homes (townhomes, duplexes) continue to be built in...

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Housing Questions for Election Candidates

A federal election is underway and voting day is Monday, Sept 20, 2021. Housing is a priority for Canadians, so here are housing issues and questions for the candidates:  GST New Home Rebate BC has the highest average home price in Canada - $891,369, double the...

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Zoning – An Artificial Scarcity of Supply

I recently wrote about the costly process of rezoning and the demand for Community Amenity Contributions described in a provincial housing report “Opening Doors.”  The report said, ‘Zoning-based charges (CACs) discourage proactive zoning for more homes…local...

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Myth of the National Home Price

When Canadians read news stories about rising housing prices, they are often provided with a “national average price.” Often this precedes the conclusion that housing prices across the country are “out-of-control” and government intervention is needed, including a tax...

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Focus on Numbers, Not Political Rhetoric

As every homebuyer knows, the purchase of a home is based on numbers. Financial institutions require a down-payment representing at least 5% to 10% of the price, and an income sufficient to pay the mortgage and other living expenses. Political spin such as the alleged...

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