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CARE Awards Standards Protect Public and Members

We are asked at times, why the popular CARE Awards event is open only to VRBA members and not to all in the residential construction industry.

Here are three important reasons:

1. Diligence on VRBA Applicants – VRBA first reviews applicants’ references, which is followed by contractors on our Board conducting interviews and site visits to verify knowledge and experience necessary for professional builders and renovators.

2. Maintain Standards – In addition to education and experience, award winners should support a standard of conduct. All VRBA members agree to our Code of Ethics.

3. Consumer Protection – We avoid circumstances where consumers might mistake a non-member for a qualified VRBA member. Presenting awards to non-members would cause significant confusion.

We do our best to ensure CARE Awards winners meet the standards expected by the public and our members. For example, awards judges don’t have an opportunity to inspect a project’s framing or window flashings. We must be confident CARE Awards entrants meet a professional standard beyond the visible finished product.

Opening the CARE Awards to non-members would undermine the above due diligence, standards and consumer protection. Therefore, those in the industry wishing to participate in the CARE Awards must submit an application and agree to VRBA’s standards.

A word of advice for consumers – before hiring an “award-winning” contractor, verify their association membership.

A word of advice for the industry – before joining an association, review their awards program, and the association’s commitment to standards, consumers and its own members.

The deadline for this year’s CARE Awards entries is June 1, 2015 at 4 pm at the VRBA office, #1-3690 Carey Rd. Call-for-Entry criteria will be available in February.

VRBA membership applications are available at

We welcome building industry professionals committed to our standards.

These posts appear Wednesdays in the Times Colonist.  

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