According to CMHC’s latest report, municipalities in the CRD have produced 3,028 housing starts year-to-date (Jan-Sept). Langford has been responsible for nearly half at 1,439. Of those starts, 1,101 are rentals. During this same time, Victoria posted 155 new rentals and Saanich 114. Central Saanich has 9 new rentals and Sidney has 3. Langford creates more rentals by far than the remaining CRD municipalities combined.

In light of these enormous differences in creating rental supply, it’s time for Victoria council and others to stop talking about more regulations on housing and start emulating Langford’s development model of less regulation resulting is significantly greater supply. The facts are available in CMHC’s monthly report on housing starts for any members of the public that care to hold their mayors and councillors accountable for a lack of housing. Govts tell us where and what to build (zoning); when to build (permits); how to build (building code); and how much revenue they require. The processes are simply better and more efficient in Langford than in Victoria and other municipalities.

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