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VRBA Opposes Reckless, Job-Killing Speculation Tax

VRBA has come out strongly opposed to the BC govt’s Speculation Tax from the start which is actually a money grab from hard-working Canadians, many of whom are planning to retire in British Columbia.

We have written to the Premier asking that he cancel the tax and instead increase supply via responsible regional planning in the CRD.

We have also written to CRD municipalities asking that they oppose the tax and ask for exemptions similar to Kelowna and other regions.

The Town of Sidney has asked the province to hold off on introducing the speculation tax and re-evaluate its approach to housing affordability.

We are also aware of residents in nearby North Saanich challenged by this tax and wrote to the municipality asking they join Sidney in asking for an exemption. 

We have a weekly column in the Times Colonist where are our views are published and we have appeared on CFAX radio. 

We will continue to oppose this reckless, job-killing tax. It is an unconscionable shakedown on retirees who have worked hard and paid taxes all their lives and now deserve to live unharassed by govt. It offends Canadians’ sense of fairness.

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