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Thank You T-C Readers

Bill Patterson

Bill Patterson, President of Victoria Residential Builders Association

In my final week as President of the Victoria Residential Builders Association, I want to thank T-C readers for reading my weekly thoughts on housing.

I am a VRBA member because I believe in professionally-built, affordable, energy efficient homes which are in the best interests of consumers and our community.

VRBA is the leading industry voice for changes that will improve housing for generations:

  • Uniform Building Code

Multiple municipal interpretations of the BC Building Code waste money and resources. A simple solution is uniform interpretation enforced by the province, a common practice in Canada.

  •  Amalgamation

The CRD has 13 mayors and almost 100 councilors in a region of 340,000 people. Responsible planning requires everyone working together. Our region’s existing model is out of step in a world of climate change and rising costs.

  •  Single Property Transfer Tax

BC often charges the PTT three times on the same property as it is developed. These costs are paid by new homebuyers. If a tax must be paid, fairness dictates the tax should be charged once.

  •  Accredited Training for Builders

Energy efficiency continues to increase in the BC Building Code with a goal of Net Zero by 2020. BC experienced mold issues in the past due to insufficient research and diligence. We advocate mandatory education including a Building Envelope course for new home builders.

  • Asbestos Abatement Rebate

BC has stringent and costly regulations for handling asbestos found in tile, drywall mud, electrical wire, insulation, and other products, particularly before 1990. A rebate for consumers is necessary to promote health and safety.

We will continue to lead these and other housing changes on behalf of consumers and our members

My year as President has been an outstanding experience. I hope all contractors will consider joining VRBA and enjoy the many benefits and opportunities.

Best wishes to my successor, President-Elect Tim Schauerte and thank you all for your support.

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This column appears every Wednesday in the Times Colonist newspaper. 

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