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Single Detached Housing Starts Rise in Victoria

Greater Victoria’s housing starts continue to recover in 2014 from a challenging year in 2013.

CMHC reports single detached starts are up from 63 in Sept 2013 to 67 this year. Year to date is 423 starts compared with 391 last year.

Why do we monitor single detached starts?

They are excellent indicators of BC’s economy.

One large condo project can skew the numbers in a particular month, which is less likely with single detached.

Purchasers of single detached homes are often growing families needing more space.

If single detached numbers are increasing, young people are more confident in their employment. They feel more secure about starting families and planning for the future.

This signals an improving economy. Housing creates skilled jobs in every community, and adds significantly to retail sales in furniture, appliances, electronics, and much more.

Other BC regions also report increases in single detached homes.

That said, when demand increases, material and labour costs follow.

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