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Questions for BC Election Candidates

BC will elect a government on May 9 and voters have an opportunity to ask candidates about these measures to improve housing.

  • Renovation Tax Credit

A renovation tax credit boosts energy efficiency, seismic safety, asbestos mitigation, battles the underground economy and creates skilled jobs for young people. BC generated more than $2 billion from taxes on home sales last year. Will you support funding a renovation tax credit for BC?

  • Step Code

BC is launching a housing Step Code undermining affordability and proven practice while adding tens of thousands of dollars per home. The Step Code will minimally reduce air changes from 3 per hour to 2 or 1 while older homes continue at 25 per hour or more – best addressed by a reno tax credit.  Will you support a moratorium on the Step Code until affordability and proven practice are established?

  • Housing Supply

BC has the highest average home price in Canada by more than $100k. Supply is choked between ALR restrictions and anti-development groups/govt regs obstructing development in Urban Containment areas intended for housing. Will you support enforceable Best Practices for community groups and accountability for municipal processing times and fees?

  • Amalgamation

Responsible planning and efficient transportation systems like LRT require everyone working together. The CRD’s 13 municipalities created by BC’s policy of municipal self-determination is out of step with our future needs. Will you support amalgamation in Greater Victoria?

Ask your candidates if they support these measures to improve affordability, energy efficiency, safety, and consumer protection.

Authorized by Victoria Residential Builders Association , registered sponsor under the Election Act, 250-383-5044

This column appears Wednesdays in the Times Colonist.


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