In my final week as VRBA President, I want to thank everyone for reading this column and all of the positive feedback.

Throughout the year, we advocated for improvements to address housing affordability and consumer protection. These include:

Through this column, we have tried to initiate more discussion of housing challenges, including multiple municipal councils and Official Community Plans, the result of BC’s policy of municipal self-determination.

A regional governance model would support responsible regional planning for housing and infrastructure such as transportation. LRT construction to the West Shore should already be underway if the province is serious about GHG reduction.

That said, the provincial government recently promised to make housing more accessible through mandatory rezonings and more efficient application processes – measures already undertaken in Ontario through their “More Homes Built Faster Act.”

In light of BC’s similar commitments, we look forward to a brighter and more affordable future for our region.

Thank you for your support! I have enjoyed my year as VRBA President and offer best wishes to my successor, Ellie Sercombe, President- Elect.

This column appears Wednesdays in the Times Colonist.

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