The Annual BC Shakeout Day teaching residents to Drop, Cover and Hold On is useful, especially for school children living in an earthquake zone.

However, the BC govt should be doing much more to address an inevitable large earthquake.

There is a 10% – 15% chance of a massive earthquake in the next 50 years. During that same period there is a 30% chance of a significant, damaging earthquake.

Our association has long advocated a renovation rebate or tax credit to improve seismic safety.

Thousands of older homes in our community require anchor bolts and other measures for protection against an inevitable large earthquake.

A renovation rebate or tax credit would be a responsible investment in public safety.

They also create tax revenue by requiring receipts, helping to battle the underground economy. In addition, they generate skilled jobs in every BC community.

It’s time for the province to step up, especially considering the certainty of a major seismic event in our region.

Seismic safety is more than Drop, Cover and Hold On!