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New Quote Form Popular With Consumers

Thinking of building a new home or renovating?

Try VHBA’s online Expression of Interest form making it easier to get quotes from VHBA’s professional contractors.

This simple, easy-to-use form is becoming very popular with consumers.

Visit and fill out the form which we will forward to VHBA members. There is no cost or obligation.

Our Expression of Interest puts your project in front of 100 VHBA builders and renovators – leaders in sustainable West Coast design and construction.

VHBA members have a network of skilled trades and reliable suppliers to manage your project professionally and efficiently.

They also work with outstanding designers to identify your vision in the most cost-effective way.

Some consumers make the mistake of hiring a contractor on the advice of a friend. They may believe they are getting a “deal’, but that alleged “deal” can fade quickly and turn into major challenges.

Your builder should have a professional contract, strong track record, as well as warranty and liability coverage.

VHBA members have the experience and knowledge to build or renovate a home that you will want to proudly call your own.

Visit us at and Follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

This column is also available in Wednesday’s Times Colonist.

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