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Dec 16, 2015 – Builders Council – Approved for 1 CPD credit for builders with licences renewing Nov 1 & Dec 1

  1. Construction Contracts and Builders Lien Act – Thomas McLachlan, Reed Pope Law Corporation
  2. Discussion of VRBA construction contracts


New CPD Requirements


HPO Enhanced Licencing for Home Buiders pdf

HPO’s Continuing Professional Development requirement for licencing begins October 1, 2015.

Courses count for CPD credits only after your licence renewal date which may be Oct 1, Nov 1, Dec 1, Jan 1, etc.

Builder companies may not achieve their credits by sending different employees to courses to accumulate the total credits required for the year. The builder and/or a person with significant project management responsibility must be the nominee to acquire all of the credits.

The required credits total is 20 if you are engaged in active practice of building homes. The total is 40 if you are not engaged in active practice. Active practice means being actively engaged in the construction management of new homes during the year.

VRBA has set up free one-hour morning seminars and other longer seminars provided by our supplier/trade/consultant/professional services members to enable VRBA builders to acquire their credits. We will keep track of credits for our builders taking CPD at VRBA sessions.

In addition, we have arranged with the Vancouver Island Construction Association to provide members pricing for their courses. To receive VICA members price, you must register for the course by phone at (250) 388-6471. Identify yourself as a VRBA member – our contact is Rosie Manhas, Director of Operations. Their courses are here


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