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Photography Submission Criteria

Photography Submission Criteria

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• All photographs should accurately portray the subject matter as it appears. Photos that have been digitally altered beyond standard optimization (removal of dust, cropping, reasonable adjustments to exposure, perspective distortion, colour and contrast, etc.) will be disqualified.

• The photographic component of your submission must be in digital form on a CD, DVD or USB flash drive. If the project is being entered in multiple categories, use the same CD, DVD or USB flash drive with a folder for each category.

• “Before” photos for renovations may be scanned from prints.


Submit one CD, DVD or USB flash drive with the following specifications:

• Images can be horizontal or vertical.

• Digital images must be submitted as a .jpg file, 1024 pixels on the long side, at 72 pixels per inch resolution in RGB colour.

• Save the JPG file at its highest quality setting.

• Also include one hi-resolution (300 dpi) image per entry (category) that may be used for promotional purposes (not for judging).


• Create one folder per project, if entering more than one project.

• Within each project folder, create one folder per category (use category name not number) if project is entered in more than one category. Category names may be shortened as long as it is clear. e.g. “Custom Home” instead of “Best Single Family Detached Custom Home under 2,500 sq. ft.”

• Name the files with project name, category name and sequence number

(e.g. hilltop_kitchen_1.jpg)

• Photos will be displayed to judges in sequence order (order accordingly to match project statement).

•For Renovation Categories, please add to the sequence number a B to indicate a “before” image, and add an A to indicate an “after” image.

(e.g. hilltop_kitchen_1B.jpg and hilltop_kitchen_1A.jpg)

• Once all relating “before’ and “after” images are finished, continue the numbering sequence with 3. They may not appear in your folder in the correct order, but they will be prepared for judging in order.

(e.g. hilltop_kitchen_2A.jpg / hilltop_kitchen_3.jpg etc.)

• All images must be anonymous. Do not include people in your images unless required by the category. (This may not apply to “before” images in the renovation categories).

• The hi-resolution image can be named project name_category_hires.jpg

(e.g. hilltop_kitchen_hires.jpg)


• Please submit one 8” x 10” or 7” x 10” colour photo printed on photographic paper or digitally printed at 300 dpi as requested by the category requirements (horizontal or vertical). No border

• If you are entering a renovation category, please submit one 5” x 7” “before” and one 8” x 10” “after” image from the same angle.

• Only one printed photo per entry. These non-digital photos are required for our People’s Choice Award contest display and the CARE Awards Gallery at the event.

PLEASE NOTE: Use one CD, DVD or USB flash drive for all entries. Have folders for each project; and separate folders within project folders for categories entered.

 USB or CD file structure chart

  • Use your project names in place of “Project A”, etc.
  • Do not include any subfolders within the category folders. All photos, floor plans, site plans, project statements to be placed within the category folder.
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