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Call For Entry Guidelines

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The Victoria Residential Builders Association extends an invitation to enter the 2019 CARE Awards celebrating Canada’s leaders in sustainable West Coast design and construction.

The CARE Awards (Construction Achievements and Renovations of Excellence) recognize the winning efforts of Vancouver Island’s professional builders, renovators, developers, architects, designers, interior designers, trades, and marketing professionals.

Entries will be judged by an impartial panel of industry experts, selected for experience in their respective fields.

Please read the entire Call For Entry Guidelines. Entrants must agree to all terms and conditions.


Monday, June 17, 2019 @ 4:00 pm

Complete entry submissions must be delivered to the Victoria Residential Builders Association office no later than 4:00 pm on Monday, June 17, 2019.

NOTE: The on-line entry form closes at noon on Monday, June 17, 2019.  All remaining entry requirements, including fees, must be received no later than 4:00 pm, Monday, June 17, 2019. After completing the on-line entry form, send or deliver the remaining entry requirements to the VRBA office.   THERE WILL BE NO EXTENSIONS.


All categories except Project of the year:

  • $275 (+GST) for each PROJECTYour project can be entered into multiple categories, except
    Project of the Year, for one fee!
  • $275 (+GST) to enter Project of the Year category.


Entrants must be a member of VRBA, in good standing.
Non-member entrants must apply for membership in the Victoria Residential Builders Association by June 1, 2019, and be approved for membership prior to the Finalist Announcement in July.


  • CARE Awards applicants must be a member in good standing of Victoria Residential Builders Association.
  • CARE Awards Applicants that have been refused membership in VRBA are ineligible to enter the CARE Awards.
  • Only new submissions, not previously entered in other residential awards programs on Vancouver Island and region are eligible. For more details, contact CARE Awards Manager Debra Dahlgren
  • Projects and products built, renovated, developed, created and/or marketed for the period of
    May 1, 2017 – June 16, 2019 are eligible for the 2019 CARE Awards. A building permit must be in place for any pre-sale marketing.
  • Occupancy Permit dated May 1, 2017 – June 16, 2019.
  • All submissions will be judged upon strict adherence to entry guidelines.
  • Any project winning Silver or Gold in a specific category from the previous year is not eligible to enter this year’s competition in that category. The exceptions are the Customer Service  and Green Builder of the Year categories.
  • Projects entered in one year may not be entered in subsequent years in other categories (E.g. Year 1 – kitchen; year 2 – interior)
  • All projects must be on Vancouver Island, the Gulf Islands or the Sunshine Coast.
  • Associate entrants may order silver and/or gold certificates, as well as trophies following the event.
  • All entries become property of the Victoria Residential Builders Association. VRBA reserves the right to use any or all materials for promotion of the CARE Awards of Vancouver Island. Due to the volume of entry material, VRBA is unable to return any of the materials submitted. We recommend that you keep a copy of submitted materials.


The Gold CARE Awards will be presented at the Fairmont Empress Hotel on Saturday, September 21, 2019.


 1. General Submission Requirements

  • Each entry must include a completed Entry Form, Project Statement, and Entry fee.
  • Depending on the category, the entry should also include: a CD, DVD or USB flash drive with digital photos, colour photo print(s), brochures, etc. that support the entry. Please note: If you are entering a project in more than one category, copy all photos and project statements onto one CD, DVD or USB flash drive. Each project and category must be contained within its own folder on the CD, DVD or USB flash drive and named appropriately.
  • Folder structure for cd or usb:

USB or CD file structure chart

  • Use your own project names in place of “Project A, Project B” etc.
  • Do not include any subfolders within the category folders. All photos, floor plans, site plans, project statements are saved within the category folder.
  • Please submit one cheque for all entry fees. Add GST.
  • Be sure to read the entry criteria carefully to ensure that all materials are included with the submission.
  • All entries will be judged in the condition they are received.
  • Incomplete entries are judged accordingly and may be, under the direction of the judges, discarded due to insufficient information and materials.
  • Information will be printed exactly as submitted for press releases, certificates and trophies, so be specific and accurate with company name, project name, etc. Please do not use clients name  or street name as project name. Project names are published.
  • Please note: only VRBA member companies will be recognized.

IMPORTANT NOTE: In order to ensure the objectivity of the judging process, please remove all company and individual names and addresses from all submitted materials.  Materials that are exceptions to this include brochures, marketing, and other pertinent materials in Categories 8, 9, 10, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36, 37, 38, 43 and 44.

2. Project Statement

  •  IMPORTANT: JUDGES SCORE ENTRIES ACCORDING TO THE CRITERIA IDENTIFIED BY BULLETS. Project statements must describe how the project meets these criteria for each category. 
  • Project statements must not exceed the number of words specified in the requirements.
  • Project statements will be read while images are displayed, other materials are reviewed, and judges score the project according to the criteria. Number photos accordingly.
  • Bullet form is recommended.
  • Include any Built Green, Energuide or Energy Star rating, etc., if applicable, in project statement.

Complete and submit the online Entry Form.  Entrant will still need to mail or deliver all remaining entry requirements to the VRBA office. Entrants must also save project statement as a text  (Word) file (not PDF) on a clearly labelled CD, DVD or USB flash drive (same CD, DVD or USB flash drive as photos).

 3. Floor and Site Plans

  • All floor and site plans must be submitted on 8 ½” x 11” plain paper, single-sided. Include electronic copies on CD, DVD or USB flash drive.
  • Do not staple.
  • Submit simple marketing floor plans, one page for each floor of home, if applicable. Include only floor plans for a single room where applicable (eg – only submit kitchen floor plan for kitchen category).
  • Floor plans should accurately reflect what is in the photos.
  • Materials must NOT contain the entrants’ company name, architects’ name, or exact street address of the project.
  • For renovations, please include before and after plans.
  • Square footage of space is defined as finished space to outside wall. (Do not include unfinished basement or attached garage.)

4. Photography Submission Criteria

  • All photographs should accurately portray the subject matter as it appears. Photos that have been digitally altered beyond standard optimization (removal of dust, cropping, reasonable adjustments to exposure, perspective distortion, colour and contrast, etc.) will be disqualified.
  • The photographic component of your submission must be in digital form on a CD, DVD or USB flash drive. If the project is being entered in multiple categories, use the same CD, DVD or USB flash drive with a folder for each category.
  • “Before” photos for renovations may be scanned from prints.


Submit one CD, DVD or USB flash drive with the following specifications:

  • Images can be horizontal or vertical.
  • Digital images must be submitted as a .jpg file, 1024 pixels on the long side, at 72 pixels per inch resolution in RGB colour. SRGB colour profile.
  • Save the JPG file at its highest quality setting.
  • Also include one hi-resolution (300 d.p.i.) image per entry (one of the six) that may be used for promotional purposes (not for judging).


  • Create one folder per project, if entering more than one project.
  • Within each project folder, create one folder per category (use category name not number) if project is entered in more than one category. Category names may be shortened as long as it is clear. e.g. “Custom Home” instead of “Best Single Family Detached Custom Home under 2,500 sq. ft.”
  • Name the files with project name, category name and sequence number
    (i.e. hilltop_kitchen_1.jpg).
  • For Renovation Categories, please add to the sequence number a B to indicate a “before” image, and add an A to indicate an “after” image.

(i.e.  smith_kitchen_1B.jpg and  smith_kitchen_1A.jpg).

  • Once all relating “before’ and “after” images are finished, continue the numbering sequence with 3.

(i.e.  smith_kitchen_2A.jpg;  smith_kitchen_3.jpg etc.)

  • Photos will be displayed to judges in sequence order (order accordingly to match project statement). They may not appear in your folder in the correct order, but they will be prepared for judging in order
  • All images must be anonymous. Do not include people in your images unless required by the category. (This may not apply to “before” images in the renovation categories).
  • The hi-resolution image can be named Project_name_category_hires.jpg


  • Please submit one 8” x 10” or 7” x 10” colour photo printed on photographic paper or digitally printed at 300 d.p.i. as requested by the category requirements (horizontal or vertical). No borders.
  • If you are entering a renovation category, please submit one 5” x 7” “before” and one 8” x 10” “after” image from the same angle.
  • Only one printed photo per entry. These non-digital photos are required for our People’s Choice Award contest display and the CARE Awards Gallery at the event.

PLEASE NOTE: Use one CD, DVD or USB flash drive for all entries. Have folders for each project; and separate folders within project folders for categories entered. No subfolders within category folders for floor plans, photos, etc.

5. Labeling Entries

  • All exhibit material; CD, DVD or USB flash drive, mount board, and audio-visual materials must be clearly labelled with the category name and project name only.

6. Final Submission Details

  • A VRBA Builder/Renovator must be primary entrant for categories 1-12; 16-19; 30-31; 33; 39*; 42-44. *For residential projects only.
  • All exhibit material, not mounted, must be submitted in an envelope, with company name, project name(s), and category name(s) on outside.
  • Builders and Renovators are strongly encouraged to co-enter with VRBA designers involved in the project if applicable.
  • Please do not use clients name or street name as project name. Project names are published.
  • VRBA Member contributors
    • There is a complete member list attached to the entry form. Please check boxes of all VRBA members involved in your project. Consider all suppliers, trades, designers and professionals. This may be used for promotional purposes.
    • Note: Only member companies listed at the beginning of the Entry Form will be recognized in media releases and at the awards.
    • Only one completed list is necessary for each project (if it is entered in more than one category.)
  • Only new submissions, not previously entered in other residential awards programs on Vancouver Island and region are eligible. For more details, contact CARE Awards Manager Debra Dahlgren at
  • Maximum of 3 companies may co-enter.


_____ Visit to complete and submit the on-line Entry Form and Project Statement


_____ Entry Form

_____ Entry Fee (cash, cheque, Visa, MasterCard or Interac accepted; add GST)

_____ CD, DVD or USB flash drive with Project Statement, saved as a word file, and digital images
(Save a copy of the Project Statement and photos onto your hard drive in case there are problems with the CD, DVD or USB flash drive)

_____ Release Form (for all companies who are not the primary builder or renovator)

_____ Colour Photo Print (If renovation: include “before” and “after” photos

_____ Floor Plan  (where applicable)

_____ Site Plan  (where applicable)

_____ Brochures  (where applicable)

_____ Price List  (where applicable)

PDF Entry Checklist

Release Form

In the event that the company submitting an entry is NOT the primary Builder/Developer/Renovator, authorization must be obtained from that primary Builder/Developer.

PDF Release Form


Each entry will be judged by a panel of judges, selected for their expertise. The decision of the Judges shall be final and binding. All judges will be from outside Vancouver Island, with the exception of Category 45 – Lifetime Achievement Award, where ballots or a special judging committee may determine the award recipient.

The judging will be performed strictly on the basis of the entry requirements and criteria submitted.


No others, including the members of the CARE Awards Committee, will be allowed to observe the judging of entries.  Results of the judging process are entirely confidential, released only at the time of the event.

The Victoria Residential Builders Association reserves the right to:

  • cancel, combine or split any category
  • not award in a particular category if the entries submitted do not meet the criteria, or are not of a sufficient standard to recognize excellence


Award finalists will be notified in late July 2019.


The Times Colonist, publishing the official CARE Awards supplement, is the only print partner approved by VRBA. Please support this publication. Promotional information will be sent to all finalists.


PLEASE NOTE: It is important to the integrity of the residential construction industry that all entrants and participants conduct themselves in such a way as to demonstrate good business practices.

VRBA may disqualify entries at its discretion. CARE Awards entrants and participants are required to accept all decisions by Victoria Residential Builders Association as final and binding.


All completed entries, including fees, must be received no later than

4:00 pm Monday, June 17, 2019

Send or deliver entries to:
Victoria Residential Builders Association
#1 – 3690 Carey Road, Victoria, BC   V8Z 4C2


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