A perfect storm for housing is on the horizon. In addition to new mortgage qualifying rules and rising interest rates, BC’s upcoming Step Code will adds thousands of dollars to the cost of home building.

Green washing politicians and bureaucrats are driving the agenda leaving consumers to suffer the unintended consequences like leaky condo.

What can YOU do? Tell your municipal council you don’t want the Step Code in your municipality. Each local govt makes the decision. Stay with the National Building Code and if interested in greater efficiency levels, look into hiring a Built Green builder with certified education.

Here is what you need to know about BC’s planned Step Code.  

Media are examining the real costs of the upcoming BC Step Code to housing in Canada’s most expensive province. Energy efficiency in new homes is marginally improved at significant cost while while older homes with 10 to 40 air changes per hour remain unchecked. It’s a classic case of govt green washing and diminishing returns. Aside from the rising housing costs, the govt’s own report says at least 46% of licensed builders will not have the necessary training to build to the higher levels of the Step Code which will result in unintended consequences.


The best source of information on the Step Code is by contacting VRBA or by reading the following media stories:

Most recent story in Canadian Contractor Magazine on how renovations of older homes is a big part of addressing GHG’s with any credibility. 

John Bleasby in Canadian Contractor Magazine covers the federal government’s energy efficiency initiatives – New energy guidelines make for great politics, but poor public policy. 

The most recent news is the CRD put a pause on the Step Code until they fully understand the real costs and implications, liability, etc. 

John Bleasby in Canadian Contractor Magazine did a great job covering the BC Step Code challenges and what could have been done differently: “When did it become fashionable to ignore the National Building Code in Canada?”

Andrew Duffy at the Times Colonist wrote an outstanding article here.

Adam Stirling at CFAX1070 provided excellent coverage here. 

Mary Griffin at Chek News provided great coverage of rising housing costs including the Step Code.

Les Leyne provided an early and very good opinion piece in October 2016 before the Step Code was signed off by the previous govt in Spring 2017 before the election. 

More info on  BC’s proposed Step Code: