On June 27, Victoria Council will review a proposed “inclusionary” housing policy which actually excludes more new homebuyers unable to add the costs of council’s demands onto their mortgages. In our letter to council, we oppose their policy and say:

“Since 2016, the city has collected millions of dollars from new development. The report also says, ‘Additionally, there are currently 15 pending rezoning applications proposing approximately $11,000,000 in cash CACs, 500 purpose built rental units, and 80 on-site affordable or market rental units.'”

“But it seems it’s never enough.”

“Social programs, including housing are the responsibility of taxpayers at large, not the mortgages of new homebuyers. BC Housing, CMHC and other government agencies have the mandate to fund affordable housing projects including partnerships with developers. In addition, the province and federal government collect billions of dollars in Property Transfer Tax and GST from new housing to provide these social programs.”

Here is our letter to council.