The Town of View Royal has decided to up the ante using new housing as a cash machine for their revenue. Their Committee of the Whole recommended adopting a community amenity contribution policy that says:

“1.9 Target Rates
The following target rates for cash amenities are established as basis for negotiation:
•$5500 per single detached residential unit/lot
$3500 per unit for other types of residential units
1.10 Land Lift Analysis
Notwithstanding Section 1.9, a land lift analysis should be conducted by a qualified third party agreed to by the development proponent and the Town where more than 100 additional residential units are proposed or possible. The Town will seek a target of 50% of the increase in land value for the provision of community amenities. The cost of conducting the analysis would be borne by the development proponent and be deducted from the Community Amenity Contribution amount. Where the land lift is zero or negative, the development proponent and the Town may negotiate an alternative. community amenity.”

The recommendation will likely be adopted by Council on July 16.

VRBA opposes these cash grabs that are passed on new new homebuyers and increase the cost of housing in one of the most expensive markets in North America.

Here is our letter to Council explaining our position.

This is just another example of municipal governments appropriating private property and passing on the costs to new homebuyers.