This week the BC govt launched the Step Code, which fast-tracks energy efficiency requirements and increases costs in new homes.

Surveys show affordability is #1 priority for British Columbians, which is not surprising, considering BC’s home prices are $100,000 above the national average.

In addition, new homes are already very energy efficient.

VRBA’s contractors are building Built Green homes that are affordable for the average family income.

However, the province’s new regulations marginally increase energy efficiency at additional costs of tens of thousands of dollars, not including mortgage interest.

A new home’s air changes will be reduced from 3 to 1, while older homes’ air changes may be 25 or more – a far greater contributor to GHG’s.

The Step Code is a classic case of diminishing returns, offering little impact on GHG’s, and only serving to eliminate families from the housing market.

Real climate leadership would be a Renovation Tax Credit reducing air changes from 25 to 3.5 in BC’s older housing stock.

The province should be listening to British Columbians and pursue affordability, rather than a Step Code offering very expensive efficiency designed to score “green” points.

The Step Code is clearly out-of-step with the public’s wishes.

Higher energy efficiency should be accomplished with diligence and only in partnership with affordability, education, and proven practice.

Today, affordable, reasonably energy efficient Built Green homes are what the public needs and expects.

Authorized by Victoria Residential Builders Association; registered sponsor under the Election Act, 250-383-5044.