Saanich council will again consider a report proposing 180% increase to DCC’s that gives one side of the story. The report on Development Cost charges says: “The proposed Development Cost Charge program (2019) is based on the ‘benefiter pays principle’, whereby those who benefit from the provision of road, utility and parks services are required to pay their fair share for those services.”

The Benefiter Pays Principle is only one section of the BC govt’s from the BC govt’s  Development Cost Charge Best Practices Guide. The Guide also mentions:

  • Fairness and Equity
  • Accountability
  • Consultative Input
  • Certainty

“Certainty should be built into the DCC process, both in terms of stable charges and orderly construction of infrastructure. Stability of DCC rates will assist the development industry in the planning of their projects.”

It cannot be reasonably argued a triple digit increase resembles “stability of DCC rates.” In addition, the proposed increase undermines “the development industry in the planning of their projects.” Saanich’s processing times do not enable existing development applications to avoid the added costs which will result in hardship for new housing, jobs and affordability.

Our letter to council opposing this increase is here.