A recent editorial in the Times Colonist supports the view that transit and similar infrastructure should be paid by federal, provincial and municipal governments, not new homebuyers.


“Estimates by local builders suggest that existing taxes and regulations add about 20 per cent to the cost of a new house. With decent accommodation already unaffordable for many families, do we want to make that situation worse?

B.C. already has a dreadful record for child poverty. One reason is that lower-income families spend too much on accommodation. Anything that might add to this burden should be avoided.

Realistically, a narrowly aimed tax of the kind proposed by Fassbender — it might be called punitive — will not solve the problem. It might make it worse.

What is needed is a broad-based revenue source, and only the two senior levels of government possess such sources.”

Here is the story last week https://www.timescolonist.com/business/governments-consider-tax-on-builders-to-fund-transit-1.9881842 and we made our views known on Pamela McCall’s program on CFAX.

VRBA continues to be the leading industry voice for housing affordability. It’s the #1 priority of British Columbians and should be the priority of elected officials – https://www.vrba.ca/voters-can-demand-affordability/