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180% Saanich DCC Increase Treats Homebuyers as Cash Machine

Through DCC’s, new homebuyers shouldered the cost for purchasing 31.4 acres of Blenkinsop park land. Of course, there was never any mention of the source of the funds. Saanich treats new homebuyers as cash machines evidenced by a recent 180% increase to DCC’s, disguising taxes as service fees, adding unnecessary costs and regulations like Step Code & new EDPA requirements.

Saanich council claims to support housing affordability but it’s all smoke and mirrors.


Council has zero understanding or appreciation of housing costs, development risk, building codes, or even the climate emergency they claim is their priority (along with housing affordability.) If climate is a priority, why abandon the Built Green program that includes energy efficiency, recycling and water conservation in favour of Step Code without recycling and water conservation? Step Code also has no education program and was found to be flawed by Natural Resources Canada.


It’s time for council to drop the pretense of concern for housing affordability – surveys show the public’s not buying that bill of goods.

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