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1,283 Earthquakes Serve as Warning

California recently experienced a 6 magnitude earthquake resulting in serious injuries and up to $ 1 billion damage.

According to Earthquakes Canada, 1,283 earthquakes occurred along BC’s coast during the past year.

Fortunately, most were relatively small, but there’s no denying we are due for a big earthquake at any time.


Is your home ready? The many earthquakes in our region, regardless of size, serve as ample warning.

Be prepared with an emergency kit containing water, canned food, flashlight, crank radio, first aid kit, etc. Visit for more info.

You can improve your home’s safety by installing steel straps, metal roof ties, steel connectors and anchor bolts.

Other important measures include reinforcing the walls with plywood sheathing and securing water heaters and appliances.

VRBA builders and renovators are available to assist with renovations. Use our Expression of Interest form at connecting you with our contractors.

After the recent California earthquake, we can’t say we haven’t been warned.

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