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Our Mission

Victoria Residential Builders Association

Since 1940, VRBA has been the professional industry voice of residential construction. Our builders, renovators, designers, trades and suppliers are committed to designing and building the finest sustainable West Coast homes. View our members’ award-winning projects at

Before hiring a contractor, watch our Youtube video here. It’s only a few minutes long and may assist with a successful new home or renovation.

VRBA members agree to operate according to VRBA’s Code of Ethics as follows:

Members of the Victoria Residential Builders Association believe and affirm that:

a)  Consumers are entitled to fairness, courtesy, and honesty in their interaction with members;

b)  Industry professionalism and housing affordability are our association’s primary goals;

c)  Education and training represent the foundation of professionalism, in addition to ongoing research into new techniques, methods and products;

d)  Health, safety standards and affordability are recognized as important parts of the National and BC Building Codes and best achieved by consultation with VRBA members experienced in market housing;

e)  Good practices include promotion of energy efficiency, recycling, and minimizing environmental impacts where practical;

f)    All business activities will be conducted in a professional and ethical manner and comply with the laws of British Columbia.

VRBA believes consumers should be informed and knowledgeable. For example, you can get price quotes by using VRBA’s online Expression of Interest form here.

Practice diligence when hiring a contractor and contact VRBA at 250.383.5044 or to find out how we can assist.


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