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If you are building a new home or renovating, review the following links:

Click here for the latest financing info from CMHC. 

Hiring a Contractor – Before hiring a contractor, watch our video on YouTube. It’s only a few minutes long and may help you avoid challenges with your new home or renovation.

This is VRBA’s TV ad appearing on CTV. Only 30 seconds and says it all! 

Here’s a good publication on buying a new home in BC.  If you are having a home built, here is the residential construction performance guide.

Be diligent and get references and competitive quotes from VRBA’s qualified contractors using this Expression of Interest Form. VRBA members are the leaders in sustainable West Coast design and construction.

Find out about green building and the Built Green Canada program.

Considering a renovation? Before you start, read this brochure on asbestos in homes. This is important information to protect your family and any workers. Our advice is to hire a professional contractor. 

See how much you can afford using this easy mortgage affordability calculator by CMHC.

Get a general idea of costs per sq ft at

Here is information on home warranty insurance and consumer protection in BC.

Here is a brief history of changes to Canada’s mortgage policies since 2006.

Looking at a property? Here is BC Assessment’s online comparison tool.

Here is Zoocasa’s online market calculator for properties.

Rebates for Energy Efficiency Upgrades – Check out the list of grants here

Get the latest, easily accessible housing data at  CMHC’s Housing Market Information Portal

Here are our weekly Columns in the Times Colonist  – VRBA’s column appears every Wednesday in the T-.C’s Life/At Home section

Here are three:

2014 CARE Awards a Celebration of People

Build or Renovate at VRBA.CA

Beware a Scary Renovation

Join the Victoria Residential Builders Association – Sign up to become a member

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