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34. Customer Service – Builder / Renovator

Please note: If you entered this category last year, all new photos and writeup are required.



Judges will award points for:

• Company’s customer service strategy

• Staff training

• Budgeting for after sales service

• Handling concerns and complaints

• Strategies during construction to eliminate call-backs or defects

• Length of time it has been implemented




1. Completed Entry Form.

2. Project Statement – In 200 words or less, describe your strategy and explain how it meets the criteria (bullet form is recommended).

3. CD, DVD or USB flash drive with three to six digital images:

– one image with company logo or name;

– up to five images demonstrating superior service or outstanding workmanship;

– people ok in these images.

4. One 8” x 10” colour photo print.

5. Three client references for service provided within the last 24 months. References could comment on such issues as product satisfaction, closing procedures, walkthrough, post-occupancy responsiveness, etc.

6. A statement that documents the entrant’s commitment to excellence, through programs such as Total Quality Management and/or a formal Customer Service Policy.


Optional: One copy of Customer Service Handbook.


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