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25. Best Contemporary Bathroom (New or Renovated)

Eligible entries include custom, spec or renovation of a residential project. The same bathroom may not be entered in both this category, and the Best Master Suite category along with the bedroom.


Judges will award points for:

• Design and overall appeal

• Functionality of floor plan, creative use of space

• Quality of workmanship and attention to detail

• Environmental considerations (e.g. energy efficiency, water conservation, recycling, etc.)

• Special attributes

The cost per square foot of construction for the bathroom must be identified on entry form.


1. Completed Entry Form.

2. Project Statement – In 200 words or less, describe the project and explain how it meets the criteria (bullet form is recommended). Include Energy Efficiency Rating (e.g. Built Green level, Energuide or Energy Star rating, etc.) if applicable.

3. CD, DVD or USB flash drive with six digital images.

**If a renovation, two extra “Before” images may be included, for a total of eight images. Images must be clearly named and numbered “Before” and “After”.

4. on same CD, DVD or USB, save one hi-resolution (300 dpi) image.

5. One 8” x 10” colour photo print.

**If renovation: One 5” x 7” (before) and one 8” x 10” (after) colour photo print, from the same angle.

6. One copy of bathroom layout on 8 ½” x 11” paper. (Before and after if applicable.)

7. Release Form (if not primary builder/developer).


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